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Guy’s got the right idea #lazywayhome (at Prospect Park)

Lost and found #tbt with Arnel /@jennylougheed (at Prospect Park Drummer’s Circle)

#fuckingweirdos #colonialWilliamsburg (at The Rabbit Hole)

#dirtstache (at Never Enough Jewels)

Last week’s #CAHMeetup winners got to write their own white cards. Tonight the winners get to fill out the black ones. #seeyouallsoon
(at Greenwood park bar and Burgers Bitch)

#razorscooterparkingonly (at At the Beach)

Solid end of summer jamz #widowspeak (at MoMA The Museum of Modern Art)

Tuesday 7pm. Get ur fine behinds there @GreenwoodPark. #cahmeetup (at Greenwood Park)

Into it #timmaia (at Mccarren Skatepark)

This will win #guaranteed #cahmeetup (at First LOve Never Dies)

Signed #hiphopfamilytree vol 2 by @edpiskor #grandmasterflash (at Bergen Street Comics)

Need this big time. (at Bergen Street Comics)

Wait what? (at Caliente Cab Murray Hill)

Total steal ! It was just $12 @mcsweeneys #furtherjoy @strandbookstore @johnbrandon (at Strand Book Store)

Beyond fucking psyched about this. #hiphopfamilytree (at Home)

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