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#Ethiopian (at King County Juvenile Detention Center)

Party on Primo (at Swedish Physicians)

This place is heaven. #whateverthatis (at Space Needle)

#poetry (at Everett Station)

Solid reads #thriftin (at St. Vincent de Paul)

Right on Theron! #thriftin (at St. Vincent de Paul)

What’s under that sweat suit honey tree? #itgetsbetter (at St. Vincent de Paul)

Hipster or homeless? #chooseyourownadventure (at Nom Nom Teriyaki n’ More)

Wedding stuff. Congrats @tiffanyrobben ! (at Fremont, Seattle, WA)

I can’t. #thiswholefamily (at United States)

They were fucking closed! #thiscouldbeusbutyouplaying (at Jefferson Skatepark)

1 of the 5 reasons why I love Seattle #easyaccesstobj (at Seattle City Center)

So so so much fun to skate. #nowitstimeforaswim (at Far Rockaway Skate Park - Beach 12)

Don’t even think about it. #lepetit (at Williamsburg Bridge)

#suckerforwrestling (at Noodle Pudding Inc)

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