Scouting for skate spots with Harold Ramis #latergram  (at An Undisclosed Location)
Hysterical #robertheinecken (at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))
#bbqsaucefordayz (at The Carroll’s Amazing Lawn Of Naps Ect.)

Cat Stevens gets even.

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Brushing up on my threading skillz before I head back to work. #themoreyouknow (at INDESSERT)
Unlimited 10am business class lounge beers? #aftercoffee (at BA Galleries Club Lounge)
Cute, Boston. (at Baby Gap)
Awesome (at sCANDYnavian)
Best construction sign ever #hammerpants (at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce)
Zombie king #popisdeab (at WHOA! My Couch is so Comfy)
Moustache magic #kinkypahty  (at Winsty’s Kinky Cage)
#preach  (at Down the Hatch)
Moustache magic #kinkypahty  (at China City)
Moustache magic #kinkypahty  (at China City)
Taco issues #goodproblemstohave (at Danny’s Dance Boutique)